Paul Pfeiffer

November 8th, 2010

Paul Phiffer was born in 1966 in Hawaii. He is known for his ground breaking work in video art. He currently resides in New York City.

One of his most popular works “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” is a series of basketball photographs in which Pfeiffer edits out all the basketball players except for one. I really liked these pictures. Editing out all of the other players creates a sense of calm. I feel like we are watching him shoot the winning shot in slow motion and the crowd is in stunned silence waiting to see if he will score. Pfeiffer says of his project “it’s compelling to see a person remain in perfect form despite the lights, cameras, and crowds. It’s not unlike the challenge artist’s face: How do you make pictures that mean anything at all in a world already oversaturated with images?”

Another one of his projects is The Long Count (Rumble In The Jungle) is a video in which Pfeiffer goes frame by frame and deletes Muhammad Ali from the fight. He doesn’t completely delete him thought, Ali’s out line is still visual. This work is a statement on racial identity.

Overall I liked Paul Pfeiffer. My favorite work of his was definitely “The Four Horsemen”. By putting the focus on the one basketball player, the viewer really got to focus on the form of the player. It also gave me a calm feeling. Its cool that such a simple idea could be so cool to look at. Other then that work, nothing else seemed to really stand out to me. He is good but not very memorable.

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