Bill Viola

November 2nd, 2010

Bill Viola is very well known in the artist community. He works with video, video installations, music, and television. He received his BFA from Syracuse University. His works can be found all over the world. His work deals with human emotion and feeling.
I enjoyed Violas “Ocean without a shore”. In this piece, Viola explores life and death. He does this by having people in the foreground with a black background. Each person looks to have produced waterfalls. A couple of the people have a lot of water, while some only have a little water. The water represents the renewal of ones self. This piece was originally installed in a chapel.
Overall I liked Bill Viola. His theme of opposites such as life and death, dark and light, and good and evil were well portrayed through his work.  To me he seems to be one of the more memorable artists.

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