Jenny Holzer

October 25th, 2010

Jenny Holzer is a Ohio born artist who works mostly with art in public spaces. She attended Ohio University and Rhode Island School of Design. She writes texts herself, but also uses the texts of others in her works.

Her most famous work “truisms” uses different mediums to project different phrases or words onto something. The projections are often commentary on media, humor and life and can often times be explicit. Her projections can be found on architecture, billboards, even t-shirts. Holzer says she was inspired “by clean, simple variations”. She specifies that she didn’t work to be overdone or to look like something you would see in Las Vegas.

I really enjoyed Jenny Holzer’s work. She manages to take what seems like such a straightforward idea and make it into something that is visually pleasing and interesting. The projects already look cool in pictures so I’m sure that actually being in the place where the projections are would be even more amazing. I also like that she keeps her work minimalist, if the projections were more cluttered, they might not have the same effect.

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