October 18th, 2010

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3 Responses to “Seaco”

  1. kbretzin Says:

    I like the IDEA of this more than the actual project (seaco makes anyone with normal body functions ill)…the composition of these photos could use some WORK if you know what I’m saying…haha lociento

  2. kbretzin Says:

    and this is where you say “jerk, you took these pictures!” Yes, I am embarrassed by my own work! Jerk, trying to make me look like a JERK!…jerk…

  3. ninadigiarts Says:

    Quite a narrative….is Seacobeck really that bad???
    Maybe it’s the repetition of the foods, that is getting to you? Anyway…the narative is powerful in making a statement about your feelings/perception of food services! It leaves no doubt as to the meaning of the slide show!

    Take care,