Jeff Baij

October 18th, 2010

Jeff Baij is a digital media artist from Venice, California.

One of the only works that I liked of his was “bloody vomit” which the viewer scrolls across the screen to see the character projectile vomiting. I thought the way he had the viewer scroll over in order to see what was going on was clever.

I also noticed that he created a video response to a UMW students negative review on him. In the video, Jeff Baij comes off as somewhat arrogant as he reads what the blogger wrote. This automatically turned me off to him. It seemed like he was mocking the student just because she didn’t have such a positive reaction to his site.  

While I cannot link direct examples of his work because the site is down, I was able to get a chance to look at Jeff Baij’s work a couple of days ago. Judging by the works I was able to see, I am not a fan of Jeff Baij. The only consistent theme in his work is the fact that it is digitally produced. His work seems mediocre and uninteresting for the most part and draws absolutely no emotion out of me.

One Response to “Jeff Baij”

  1. kbretzin Says:

    you liked bloodvomit??? I thought you would be disgusted! seriously i think he just goes for the shock value…it works…somewhat.